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 Frequently Asked Questions
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Getting Started

How can my student buy an individual health insurance plan?

The fastest way is to purchase an individual plan online at The U.S. Students Abroad Health Plan is a comprehensive protection plan specifically tailored to American students going on study abroad trips.

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How can my student enroll in his/her school's group insurance plan?

If your student is enrolled in a school that has a group-sponsored plan, the student's study abroad advisor or administrator will handle his/her enrollment. The student will receive an Identification Card with an insurance certificate number in the mail. Students who don't receive this card should speak with their advisor or administrator.

Some schools require an access code for students to purchase and enroll in the insurance plan via the internet. Your student's school advisor or administrator will provide this access code if it is needed.

Using the certificate number found on the ID card, students should be sure to sign up to use HTH, where they can manage their insurance plan, search for a doctor, and access a number of other tools (See "Online Tools") designed to keep them healthy and safe while studying abroad. Parents/guardians can use the certificate number on the ID card to register for HTH, which will allow them access to similar tools. There are two other ways for parents to register for the website - see below -- "How can I register for HTH Parents?"

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Does my student's school already provide insurance for him/her?

As noted above, some schools have sponsored group insurance programs with HTH Worldwide. Students should ask their study abroad advisor or administrator to see if their school has sponsored such a plan. If a student's school has not sponsored a group plan, student's can buy one of HTH's individual plans online at the HTH Students website.

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What other insurance plans does HTH offer?

HTH Worldwide offers individual travel health and trip cancellation insurance plans and a variety of group plans designed for business travelers. Visit our corporate site,, for more information.

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How much will my student's insurance cost?

The prices of individual insurance products vary depending on the student's age. To get the price of a specific individual product, the student should go to, find the product that fits his/her needs, then click 'pricing'. Students who participate in a group insurance program at their school should check with their advisor or administrator about the price. In the case of mandatory group programs, premium may be paid by the sponsoring organization. The student's fees, if any, may be assessed at the time of registration in the study abroad program.

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When will my student's coverage start?

When a student purchases an HTH Worldwide individual insurance plan, he or she selects the date on which coverage will start. Coverage will be effective on the date the student selects or the date we receive valid payment of premium, whichever is later. All coverage is subject to the eligibility requirements of that plan.

Coverage dates for group plans are determined by the student's advisor or administrator.

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My student needs proof of coverage in order to sign up for an educational travel plan/program. What can he/she do?

Within one hour of purchasing an individual plan on using a credit card, the student will receive a confirmation email with proof of coverage information. Students who choose to pay for coverage by check or money order will receive an ID card as proof of coverage. HTH will process and mail student ID cards within two business days after we receive valid payment. Similarly, students who are in a group plan through their school will receive an ID card through the mail.

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Where is my student's coverage effective?

Refer to the benefits description of the specific product your student is purchasing to determine its benefits. Most HTH Worldwide products are effective worldwide, outside of the student's home country.

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Can HTH help my student find a doctor, or help me find a doctor for my student?

Yes! Helping students or their parents/guardians locate a doctor or dentist outside the U.S. is one of the important services HTH provides. Through their respective websites ( and, students and parents/guardians can access HTH Worldwide's unique community of pre-selected, English-speaking physicians and dentists who are committed to serving international students, travelers and expatriates.

HTH offers students and parents/guardians a wealth of other resources to help make their study abroad experience safe and healthy. See Online Tools FAQ for more information

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