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 Frequently Asked Questions
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Are there certain doctors or hospitals that are "preferred providers" under my student's plan?

Students on study abroad programs outside the US are welcome but not required to access HTH's international physician community. Through their respective websites, study abroad students and parents/guardians can search for a pre-qualified, English-speaking doctor online and review their background and credentials. However, coverage under HTH's plans extends to other providers who are licensed and qualified to deliver the required service (for details review your specific product). In addition, HTH customers get access to a range of other tools to help them stay healthy and safe-for more information see "Online Tools."

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How does my student renew or extend his/her insurance coverage?

For individual plans (U.S. Students Abroad Health Plan, Global Student USA, and Global Student USA Preferred ): Students who have registered on may renew online either through (1) the 'Renew Online' link on the home page or (2) the 'Renew' link on the Coverage & Benefits page in My Benefits. Students will also receive a renewal notice prior to the expiration of their plan containing instructions for renewing coverage through the mail. Because online renewals do not allow changes to certain coverage information such as insured status (participant only, participant & child, etc.), address, and phone number, students who need to change this information should call HTH at 1.888.243.2358 or +1.610.254.8771 prior to renewing. Changes to information unrelated to insurance coverage may be e-mailed to us at This link is also shown at the bottom of the Personal Info page in My Benefits, on

For group plans purchased online: Students who entered a Group Access Code to purchase insurance initially may be part of a group that is set up for online renewals. Students should enter their Access Code on the home page of again. If the student is signed into the site, he/she will first need to click 'Not You' (top right hand corner of the site) to be able to view the Access Code entry area. After the student enters the access code and continues through the Group agreement page, the next screen will allow the student to indicate that the purchase is a 'Renewal', if the student's group plan includes this option. If a 'Renewal' option does not exist, the student should contact his/her study abroad advisor or administrator about renewing.

For group plans where online enrollment is not required: If your student is a member of an HTH Worldwide group-sponsored plan and the student was not required to buy the insurance on, the advisor or administrator will handle the renewal of coverage.

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What documentation will my student receive when he/she purchases an individual HTH Worldwide plan?

HTH will mail your student an ID card within two business days of receiving valid payment for an individual insurance plan. A student's purchase enables him/her and you, the parent/guardian, to access the powerful Online Tools that HTH Worldwide has developed to make student travel and study abroad a healthy and safe experience. These tools also allow students and parents/guardians to manage the student's health insurance plan. For example, students and parents/guardians can use their respective websites to review plan benefit information, or even check the status of a claim (note: parents need student authorization to view Coverage and Claims information).

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How should my student notify HTH Worldwide if his/her contact information or address changes?

Students may review their name, address and other information in the My Benefits section of To make changes student should contact HTH Customer Service through email or by calling 1.888.243.2358 or +1.610.254.8771.

Remember, if your student is part of a group plan, he/she will need his/her insurance certificate number (which can be found on the insurance ID card) to sign in to HTH Students for the first time. In addition, individual plan purchasers may also sign up for full site privileges at the time of purchase. Lost or forgotten passwords on HTH Students -- click here.

Parents/guardians sign into HTH Parents using either the student's certificate number, the student's email address (if the student has signed into HTH Students), or by following the instructions on an email invitation to join sent by the student (from HTH Lost or forgotten passwords on HTH parents - click here

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How can my student contact HTH Worldwide about a claim?

HTH Worldwide provides online access to Claims information for registered students through Parents/guardians who have received authorization from their students to view this information can do so through the Plan Benefits-Claims section of the parents website. Students may also call 1.888.243.2358 or +1.610.254.8771 to speak with a Customer Service Representative or contact HTH by email, being sure to reference their name, school and the date of injury/loss.

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My student's claim was denied. Is there a grievance procedure?

Within 60 days, students may request, in writing, a review of any denied claim. All requests for review must specify why the student believes the denial was made in error. Whenever possible, requests should attach supporting documentation (for example, medical bills and/or correspondence.) Send email to or write to: HTH Worldwide Insurance Services, Claims Department, P.O. Box 968, Horsham, PA 19044. Fax: 888.250.4121. We will respond to such requests within 10 business days of receipt.

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How does my student submit (file) a claim?

Participating students can access claim forms and submission information on the HTH Students site. Parents/guardians can access the same claim forms and submission information on this site. Claim forms should be completed fully and only original bills are accepted. Printed claim forms may be sent to HTH Worldwide Insurance Services, Claims Department, P.O. Box 968, Horsham, PA 19044. Fax: 888.250.4121

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How long will it take for my student's claim to be paid?

HTH Worldwide's goal is to process all claims within 10 business days of receipt of the claim.


What type of insurance companies does HTH Worldwide work with?

HTH Worldwide works exclusively with A.M. Best 'A' rated insurance carriers in order to ensure that participating students' claims are paid in a timely and accurate manner. The carriers we work with include some of the oldest, most experience insurers in the U.S.

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