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 Frequently Asked Questions
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Enrollment Benefits

My student sent his/her enrollment form to HTH Worldwide by mail or fax. When will his/her coverage begin? When will he/she receive an ID card?

Your student's coverage will be effective on the day he/she requested coverage to begin or the date we receive payment of premium, whichever is later. ID cards will be mailed within two business days after we receive the enrollment form and confirm valid payment. Students who enroll online are sent a confirmation email as evidence of coverage within 1 hour of submitting enrollment.

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May my student cover his/her dependents?

HTH Worldwide's voluntary programs do not allow dependents.

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My student has a pre-existing medical condition. Will HTH Worldwide's plans provide coverage for this condition?

All of HTH Worldwide's plans provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. The waiting period for coverage of pre-existing conditions varies by plan type and is subject to state mandated limits. Please review our individual plans for details.

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What is excluded from coverage under HTH Worldwide plans?

HTH Worldwide has industry standard limited exclusion provisions in its plans; please see the benefit description for the individual plan that meets your needs.

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My student is going on a study abroad trip; will the HTH Worldwide plan he/she enrolls in provide coverage in the United States if he/she needs to return home?

The U.S. Students Abroad Health Plan (an individual plan) provides $5,000 of home country coverage. Check the product detail for specific information on other products. HTH Worldwide's plans are primarily intended to cover participants when they travel outside of their home country.

Check your student's certificate of insurance to verify the home country benefit in his/her plan.

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What happens if my student is injured or becomes sick while abroad and needs care that is not available in his/her destination country?

All HTH Worldwide plans include medical assistance and evacuation benefits. In the event of a medical emergency, students and/or their parents/guardians can call +1.610.254.8771 collect from overseas. Please see the detailed information about medical evacuation and assistance, including applicable coverage limitations, in the plan benefit information or insurance certificate.

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