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 Privacy Policy
Customers and Partners can conduct business with confidence on all HTH web sites.

Users of any of HTH Worldwide's web sites can access all available services with confidence because of HTH's security and privacy policies.

HTH respects the privacy of all its Visitors and Users of the Website and shares none of the information they submit to HTH with third parties unless specifically authorized to do so.

HTH employs the latest in internet security technology. When users first register for the site, or when they sign-in and review medical benefit, claims, contact or dependent information, the Secure Server is utilized. This Server uses the same technology employed by many popular websites for the safe transmission of credit card data (use of the Secure Server requires that your browser supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL), as most popular browsers do). Through encryption that is created by SSL, the personal information you enter cannot be read easily as the information travels over the Internet. Finally, User information is protected by an authentication process and is accessible only upon presentation of the unique Password.

For a complete discussion of HTH's security and privacy policies please consult the HTH Site Use Agreement

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